rAn co-creators

We are looking for teachers who would like to collaborate with us in designing and developing a GAME for primary students to learn all about Natural Disasters


The rAn project aims at assisting children at primary education to cope with emergency situations, by developing a game for raising their awareness about natural disasters and emergency preparedness. The rAn educational game will be helping children to learn in a fun and interactive way and will be based on a dynamic storyboard supported by interactive elements such as quizzes, puzzles and mini-games.

In order to create a meaningful game for the students, we are inviting teachers to be part of the game design and development team by providing their important input and ideas. The first step is to fill in a short survey to help us understand your needs and preferences in terms of in-class training. Then your students will be called to answer a survey as well, giving us their own perspectives and ideas. After all, they will be the main users of the game and we want them to have a say in its creation.

Please find below the 2 short and simple surveys:

Your responses would be an extremely valuable contribution to our project! If you wish to participate further in the project and become a rAn co-creator, please contact us directly.


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rAn co-creators will become part of an international educational game developer team, win digital badges, receive an international certification and have the opportunity to share their achievements in the final conference of the project.

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