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About the project

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Environmental deterioration and pollution as well as other -man made- factors have contributed in the increasement of natural disasters, whose consequences do not only affect infrastructure and property but they also cause massive loss of human life. Children constitute one of the most vulnerable social groups when facing a natural threat or disaster, as they need an external help in order to cope with this situation. In that case, national and local authorities and communities, institutions, families and schools involvement is really important, as they can provide children with the proper knowledge and skills for confronting natural disasters.


The rAn project aims at assisting children at primary education to cope with these emergency situations, by developing a serious game for raising their awareness about natural disasters and emergency preparedness.  The main objective of the game will be for the player to survive a disaster and develop a resilient community in view of periodic geological hazards. The serious game will be based on a dynamic storyboard supported by interactive elements such as quizzes, puzzles and mini-games. Along with the serious game, it will be developed a Facilitator’s Guide which will provide a full overview of all the serious game features.


The project will come up with the following tangible results: 

  • Methodological Learning Frameworks for raising awareness of Primary school children about natural disasters and emergency preparedness 
  • Serious game on raising awareness of Primary Education children about natural disasters and emergency preparedness
  • Instructor Support Material